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Altertox Academy Trainings in the Autumn of 2018

Altertox Academy connects international experts to provide hands-on-training in human-relevant alternative methods and technologies for toxicologists of all levels of experience, from entry level technician (BS) to laboratory or department manager (MS/PhD).

Altertox Academy is about empowering the participants with the new technologies and making them more familiar with critical steps which are usually not described in OECD Test Guidelines. It gives study director a better background to challenge the results and better interpret the data.

Certificates are provided at the end of each training and can be used to justify continuous education for ERT and ISO attribution.

Hands-on lab trainings and events in alternative methods in toxicology

Training Title: PBPK modelling for quantitative in vitro-in vivo extrapolation

Place: KU Leuven - Leuven, Belgium
Dates: October 4-5
Registration Link: https://altertox2018-kuleuven.eventbrite.com

Training Title: Good Cell Culture Practice (GCCP) in Toxicology
Place: Evercyte – Vienna, Austria
Dates: October 30-31
Registration Link: https://altertox2018-evercyte.eventbrite.com

Training Title: 3DTissue Engineering Quality Control – From the bench to the bedside
Place: IRBM – Montpellier, France
Dates: November 8-9
Registration Link: https://altertox2018-irmb.eventbrite.com

Training Title: In Vitro Lung Models
Place: Epithelix – Geneva, Switzerland
Dates: November 15-16
Registration Link: https://altertox2018-epithelix.eventbrite.com

Training Title: Skin Sensitization
Place: BASF – Ludwigshafen, Germany
Dates: November 22-23
Registration Link: https://altertox2018-basf.eventbrite.com

For more information on the program and the registration please visit: