Die Experten in der Schweiz für Erforschung und Bewertung
der Sicherheit von Chemikalien und Arzneimitteln

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SST Virtual Meeting 2021

Basel Cathetralzoom

Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Toxikologie - SGT 
Société Suisse de Toxicologie - SST 
Swiss Society of Toxicology - SST


It is a pleasure to invite you to the first virtual meeting of the Swiss Society of Toxicology. Registration is free of charge and we offer attractive lectures and a virtual poster session. We are looking forward to your participation! Details how to register can be found below.

Dr. Thomas Weiser                                                                        

President of the SST                                                                     


28th and 29th of January 2021


The meeting program can be found here.

The meeting will be held in English

Registration Procedure

Online registration is mandatory. Please click the link below and insert the requested information. The registration for the virtual meeting is free of charge. You will receive a confirmation email if the registration was successful. Further instructions with the dial-in infomration for the meeting will follow in a separate email.

The online registration is accessible here.

Poster Session

Poster session announcement

The poster session is scheduled for the 29th January at 10:45-11:15. We will have 5 different breakout rooms with 2-3 poster presentations in each room. Please see the table below: 

 Breakout Room 1 Breakout Room 2 Breakout Room 3 Breakout Room 4 Breakout Room 5
 #1: J. Miller Holt #9: N. Roos #4: M. Kley #10: M. von Wyl #6: D. Spiliotopoulos
 #2: B. Titz #13: S. Schmidt #5: M.C. Jäger #11: S. Könemann #15: T. Bürke Turnherr
 #8: R. Jäger #14: C. Messner #12: M. Panajatovic  #17: J. Kedzierski

Please use the link below to access the poster abstract book for your planning.

 You can find the poster abstract book here