Registre Professionnel Suisse des Toxicologues

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Modules d'Education (en anglais)

1. Basic Principles in Toxicology (Fundamentals - Concepts - New developments - Food safety)

2a. Laboratory Animal Sciences (Animal Welfare and Handling - General techniques - Reduce, Refine, Replace)
following the 'BVET Verordnung vom 12-Oct-1998: Ausbildung von Personen die Tierversuche, durchführen"

2b. Animal Experimentations in Toxicology (Part1: Study Directors in animal experiments - Part 2: Principles of Biometry - Neurotoxicology)

3. Organ Toxicology and Pathology (Functional-, structural manifestations of Toxicity)

4. Xenobiotic Metabolism - Toxicokinetics

5a. Cellular and Molecular Toxicology (Molecular mechanisms - Signal transduction pathways)

5b. In Vitro Toxicology (Cell culture procedures - slices - In Vitro Toxicity testing)

6. Chemical Mutagenesis (Genogenicity - Repair - Mutation - Recombination)

7. Chemical Carcinogenesis (Oncogenicity - Tumor histopathology - Receptor-mediated Oncogenesis)

8. Reproductive Toxicology (Endocrine Toxicology)

9a. Clinical Toxicology (Clinical Manifestation of Toxicity)

9b. Dermatotoxicology and Immunotoxicology (Immunological Impairment / Adverse effects)

10a. Epidemiology and Toxicology (Biomonitoring, Occupational Toxicology)

10b. Toxicology of Residuals (Food Toxicology)

11. Risk Assessment (Extrapolation - Assessment of data - Risk Management - Regulatory Toxicology)

12. Ecotoxicology (Aquatic Toxicology - Analytical Toxicology)